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Welcome to the website of

You have the opportunity to see the realized works of art blacksmith and artist Jan Odvárka divided into thematic groups. Here you will find works related to architectureforged candle holders, and free work including forged jewelry.

In the E-shop, which is part of the site you choose works that are currently on sale. The company is a large extent oriented to the individual works, so please contact us for consulting your request.


 In 1995 he founded a company in South Bohemia dealing with artistic metal processing in the domain of architecture and interiors; he also produces hand-wrought jewels and makes his author creations and also participates in restoration. In the course of the production he uses traditional blacksmith’s techniques, as well as modern technologies – high quality processing in harmony with pure art. Individual customer’s demands are always of immediate importance.

Jan Odvárka – Metal Design is open to cooperation with customers, architects, galleries, designers and sellers of furniture and interior accessories.